We are a 100% Venezuelan company, founded in 2004 at Lara State, dedicated exclusively to the national and international commercialization of services derived from the recycling, recovery and foundry of solid wastes and wastes through the selection, classification, processing and Industrial transformation of the same in harmony with the preservation of the environment. We have a ferrous metal storage capacity of 5,000 MT per month and aluminum processing capacity of 3,000 TM per month. 


Our infrastructure is perfectly equipped and has the latest generation equipment to receive and send the material requested and obtain the best processed material of our company we have a highly qualified personnel by areas, with many years of experience represented by more than Fifty (50) direct jobs. Scrap World Trading under the coalition figure of workers has signed from eight (08) years collective agreements with greater and better benefits to our workers. We keep a loan agreement with the Bank for Economic and Social Development (BANDES), following Presidential Decree 3895 of September 2005.


To be an alternative model in solid waste management and the transformation, in order to contribute to the optimization and efficiency of the environmental preservation policies of your company. 


Consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the solid waste management of the national and international industry, using advanced technology, contributing to the preservation of the environment. 

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