Refine Recycling Plan

ReciclajeProject is aimed at the popular areas of the state.Communities of the state will benefit through the practice of recycling. Collecting solid waste will allow them to obtain resources to make improvements after the first meeting held between the corporation of endogenous development and social economy and members of recovering companies from the state.

The project within the phoenix plan will link the habitants of the communities with the recovery companies. Encourage recycling as a way to obtain resources that translate into benefits for the popular sectors.

“We want habitants to obtain their resources and invest in their communities so they will have a greater sense of belonging,” says Rafael Suarez, president of the corporation.

The first agreement was attended by a dozen companies linked to the recovery of different materials. In mid-September, the plan will be disseminated in the main entities of the community.

Domenico Trezza: “We have always had the willingness to work with the public sector”.

Information from: La Prensa Lara


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