They Dictate Workshop to Combat Contraband of Wiring

Asistentes al tallerWith a view to eradicating the organized crime that are responsible for the extraction and smuggling of wiring and ferrous material, Corpoelec jointly with the company Scrap World trading CA, organized a workshop directed to the state security agencies in order to find strategic solutions In the fight against this scourge, which affects the companies of the nation.

In the event organized by the Division and Prevention and state protection of power, representatives of the Ministry of Popular Power for Electric Power, the national anonymous telephone company of Venezuela, the National Electric Corporation, Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Bolivarian National Police, Pdvsa Gas And privately owned Scrap World Trading CA Specialized in the management of solid waste.

“What is wanted is that the different security agencies are involved and have full knowledge of the procedures in the management of this type of strategic material for the nation,” said Jesus Mendoza, head of Prevention and Protection Division of Corpoelec- Lara. He adds that the basic state enterprises that provide a service to the people have been seriously affected by the subtraction of this type of material that are later marketed. 

“Our staff must request permission at checkpoints, know the source of the material, establish a network of communication with state companies, to verify their authenticity and of course, punish with the full weight of the law, This type of illicit procedure Domenico Trezza, owner of Scrap World Trading C.A. “We must speak the same language, that our officials know in detail these materials stolen by the common crime.”

Information from:  Diario El Impulso

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"They Dictate Workshop to Combat Contraband of Wiring"

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